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Tutorial: Making Icons
Friday, 1 November 2013 • 19:27 • 0 comments
oh my daehyun, he looks so cute and perfect!

ATTENTION! : Today I will use English, so sorry if my English is broken.

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo. TBH, I knew that majority of you now the way to make icons. This simple tutorial is just for who still don’t know to make icons. I make icons using Microsoft PowerPoint (MPP) and Format Factory (FF). I have 2 tutorials about making icons. First tutorial is using MPP and FF. Second tutorial is using MPP only. You can choose either one you like. For those who don’t have FF, you just follow the second tutorial.

{First Tutorial: MPP+FF}

1. First, open your (MPP) and choose any picture that you want. As an example, I choose Kris.

2. After that, make a right click at the picture. Then click at the ‘Size and Position…’.

3. Click ‘crop’ and adjust the size at the crop position at width and height box.

After cropping, it will be like this.

4. To adjust again the crop position, click ‘format’ and then click ‘crop’. Then adjust the size and the position. After cropping, save the picture.

5. Open your Format Factory. Click picture and choose ‘All to ICO’ instead.

6. They are 3 main buttons. Click ‘Output Setting’ first to make an adjustment.

7. Adjust the size with changing the max Width and Height. Then click OK.

8. Picture number 6 will appear again. Click ‘Add File’. After choosing, click OK.

9. Lastly, click Start. Find your Icon at the output folder.

10. Copy your icon from the output folder to your folder.

11. Done.

{Second Tutorial: MPP only}

Copy the 1,2,3 and 4 steps from the first tutorial.

5. Once again, make a right click at your picture and click ‘size and position’ instead. (Please refer to second steps at the first tutorial)

6. Then click ‘size’. Change your size to 0.67” (height and width).

Your picture then will look small. Save it. After that, open your folder and click at the picture. The size will be at least 100 x 100 or 100 x 101.

7. Done.

Hasilnya hahaha. . . .

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