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Tutorial: Eyes Lense (Photoscape)
Saturday, 21 December 2013 • 05:10 • 3 comments
LOL i know it's not pretty at all but i've done my best. The eyes look a little bit ugly and i know but i'm too lazy to adjust it since i've promised her to make this tutorial ASAP

Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo. This tutorial is requested by her. Inspired by Ayuni but i'm using phototscape.

1. Open your photoscape > editor
2. Choose a picture from your file. 
3. Click at object and then click at photo. (choose contact lense)

4. Choose some contact lense. Credit to ayuni. (save it first and choose from your file)

5. Adjust the opacity and the size till it suitable with the eyes.

6. Put it on the person's eyes. It would be like this.

7. repeat the sixth step and put on the other eyes.

8. Done.

9. If you want to put some effect, click at home > filter. 

as an example i choose antique photo: 03

10. click object > 'T' sign if u wanna put some text.

11. Obviouesly done.

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Blogger Fara HunHan said...

thank you^^ senang sgt. tk terfikir pun. lol,anyways,ianya mmbntu sy ;)

Blogger Haziey Azie said...

okok, most welcome dear :)


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