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Tutorial: Post type on tumblr
Thursday, 12 December 2013 • 19:50 • 0 comments

Sehun: Come here, come here. Look at me.
Kris: *Just smiling at Sehun*
Me: Oh, I couldn't stand to see them. Kris, your lips are so fuckin' sexy. damn it

 Assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo.

Most people know how to post some photo or video or what ever they want to do. they are 7 types of  post on tumblr.


1. If you want to post a quote, click at the 'Text' or 'Quote' but i prefer text.

2. Click 'Photo' if you want to share image. 

a. click 'URL' if the picture from other web .
b. click 'Choose up to 10 photos' if the picture is from your computer. [limit photo: 10]
c. Click 'Take a photo' if you want to take a photo. then click learn more.

3. Click 'Audio' if you want to share songs

a. click search and type the song title.

b. Click upload if the song is from your computer.
c. click external url if the song is from other web.

4. Click 'Video' to share videos. like photo, click url or choose file.

5. Click 'Link' if you want to share someting. write down title if you want, the url and the caption below.

6. 'Chat' almost same function with 'Text'.

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