kuroo tetsurou
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"I miss my own real life."

She left so soon
Friday, 17 June 2016 • 19:11 • 0 comments
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Assalamualaikum people. finally i managed to write something on my blog because ive been so busy lately since i have entered university. okay, back to the main topic. "SHE" left so soon. who is she? well, im actually talking about christina grimmie. yeah. she had been shot to death. it's not like i just know about this today or what, NO. i knew it on the day she had been shot to death. i was at shopping mall at the time, then my junior texted me, saying that grimmie was dead. i was so shocked you know because i HAVE NEVER EXPECTED THIS KIND OF THING WILL HAPPEN especially to christina grimmie.

well, none of us could expect this kind of thing would happen. NONE of us. the world is not safe like it used to be. NO. I MEAN, the world is never safe for us.  people kill. people rap. people do whatever they like. we dont expect that people are all kind and good to us - DON'T. EVEN A STRANGER WILL KILL PEOPLE THEY DONT KNOW. may Allah protect all of us.

frankly speaking, i was so sad, because i love her voice. i love listening to her voice. she's one of my favourite youtubers. i have no right to talk about the shooter or whatever since he also died. i just want to utter a word of thanks to christina grimmie (albeit she's dead and impossible to read this) for giving us a reason to remember you - your voice. well i love kaneki ken too and it hurts when my fav singer that had the same passion like me died.

im just a fan of her. that's it. :,(