kuroo tetsurou
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"I miss my own real life."

It's been a while
Saturday, 30 January 2016 • 23:20 • 0 comments
Kaneki Ken

assalamualaikum you guys. wah, it has been so long that i haven't posted anything on this blog. i have never thought that holidays would be so boring. i have nothing to do. i only spend my whole day watching kdrama, anime and reading manhwa and manga. i think that i will stop posting tutorials because i rarely write anything on this blog.

as i have said just a moment ago, i spend my day watching am reading some good stuffs. For anime, i am currently watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. This anime is really interesting to me because every episode i watch never fails to make me laugh.

Okay, next topic. I am thinking of changing my blogskin. I think this is quit boring already. I wanted to make anime as the theme. wuuu, who doesn't love anime? Gosh ive been spending my holidays watcing too much anime. grr. okay. idk what to say anymore.