kuroo tetsurou
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"I miss my own real life."

Sunday, 4 October 2015 • 01:03 • 0 comments
kaneki sama~
assalamualaikum! tomorrow i will be sitting for sejarah examination! wow, exactly a month left before the real SPM starts. insyaallah i will do my very best in SPM. may Allah ease everything. and i hope you guys, who will be sitting for SPM will do the best and past will flying colours.

dont forget to pray to Allah, and never to forget to perform prayers. Insyaallah, if you always think about Allah, Allah will think about you too. do the best, dont ever cheat in the examination.

respect your parents, your teachers and even your friends. thanks to them for supporting you, teaching you and guiding you all the time. insyaallah, you will get the barakah. 😊

dont forget to study!! that is the most important thing. study smart. istiqamah!

alright. that's all. im going to study now. may Allah bless you guys. insyaallah

-Azie , 4 October 2015, Sunday